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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Build a Blossom

I saw a dogwood flower on a website ( sorry I can't remember who's) and thought it was pretty. I changed mine up some. I picked a dogwood flower from the tree and tried to copy it using the Build a Blossom punch. I made this gift bag for a co worker. I like how it turned out. What ya think? I'll be showing you how it's done if you come to the playdate on the 9th. "Stamp Till You Can't"


  1. I want one. So pretty. I will be at your play date.

  2. So pretty! Wish I could come. We are in an outage in SC then. Hope you and hubby are doing well!

  3. So pretty! Wish I could join you for the play date. We are in SC for an outage. Hope you and hubby are both doing well.


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